About Us

Uniquely, the business itself has been established since the 1940’s and passed on for three generations from owner to employee. Marino Kalotheos, was one of these employees, an apprentice shopfitter/joiner who eventually purchased the business and has run it successfully since 2004.

In 2007, Marino formed KALO DESIGN. After establishing a strong reputation in food cafes/restaurants the business then expanded into other shop fit outs e.g. florists, jewellery stores etc…

Our attention to detail has also been recognized by commercial builders/developers culminating in numerous up market Club projects. Most recently our ability to match contemporary design with excellent quality material finishes has resulted in the construction of numerous retail store/showroom displays that create dynamic spaces for their customers.

The KALO DESIGN team appreciate the highest quality of workmanship which means that the job not only satisfies its intended purpose but lasts long after.